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Therapy Rooms Latest news 23 November 2016

Widget bookings
Bookings coming through the website can be made at any time where there is space in your available sessions.  Please keep a look out for these; you can tell from the the Treatwell calendar where the booking has originated.  If for any reason you need to adjust an appointment made via the website please contact the client directly.

Booking appointments via Treatwell
We have listened to your feedback and taken some actions to make bookings easier both online and directly.  All appointments are now set up ‘by Therapist’ as well as ‘by Therapy’.  

We suggest you always book ‘by Therapist’ - i.e. Select your name from the drop down menu when booking in a client and then choose the appropriate treatment.  If you would like to make any amendments to the drop down list showing under your name, please contact Wendy.

A gentle reminder to put in your own breaks during the day as bookings can originate from different sources.

Cancellation policy
Thank you for your feedback on the cancellation policy.  We will take bookings out of the diary if they are cancelled with less than 48 hours notice and make a note of this in our communications book in store.  We will refer the client to you directly.

Welcome Janey
We are delighted to welcome Janey Railton to our therapy rooms.  Janey is an aromatherapist with over 16 years experience; she also practices Dorn method.  Janey is working on Friday mornings.

Goodbye Emma
At the end of November we say goodbye to Emma Churchill.  Emma has decided to focus on her range of beauty treatments which have less affinity with the Neal's Yard Brand.  We wish her all the best with her future practice.

Christmas dinner
Thank you to those who have replied to the invitation to celebrate Christmas with us on the evening of Wednesday 7th December.  It is not too late if you still want to join the party - please let Wendy know ASAP.

New shop team member
Welcome Julieann who joins us this month as a sales assistant in store.  Julieann will be working on Fridays and Sundays.

Bounce back cards
Following the past success in using bounce back cards to encourage customers to return to the shop and therapy rooms in January, we will be issuing these throughout November and December.  

These offer the customer £5 off shop products or £5 off a therapy room treatment with a minimum spend of £30.  It's a great way of encouraging new clients to your practice and giving business a head start at the beginning of the year.  Please let Wendy know asap whether you wish to participate.


Congratulations Heather

Contratulations to Heather who has now graduated from acupuncture college with distinction!  Heather will be taking an additional session on a Tuesday morning to build her acupuncture business.  If anyone is interested in discovering more about five elements acupuncture, or would like to learn how Heather works, she is hosting a free event in the Therapy rooms on Tuesday 11 October at 7.30pm.  We wish Heather all the best with her new career as an acupuncturist.

Welcome Jewels

We are delighted that Jewels is now working as a massage therapist in our therapy rooms on Sundays.  Jewels brings a wealth of experience in bodywork and specialises in remedial and deep tissue massage, Thai massage and Indian head massage.


Treatwell update

Treatwell are currently working on the functionality of unblocking time in the calendar and this work will be complete by the end of the month.  You should only need to do this if you wish to make ad hoc time available.  Please contact Wendy directly rather than unblocking time yourself until further notice.


Please note that if you are using the Treatwell app that this does update regularly.  For best performance (or if you are having technical difficulties) we suggest that you always use the lastest update.

Please don't forget to put in your own breaks on Treatwell!  Because we receive bookings online as well as in store you may find yourself doing too many treatments in a row if you haven't booked in some downtime.




We have a promotional calendar for our therapy rooms and are happy to market different therapies and therapists throughout the year.  If you have anything new you want to say or promote then please speak to Wendy who will look at the calendar and see what we can do for you. Many of you have your own facebook pages but we are happy to promote through our own (as well as all the other marketing tools we offer).  Advertising through facebook can be targeted and is very cost effective so could work well for different therapies.


We say goodbye to Caroline this month who has decided not to return to our Therapy rooms following her two month sabatical in China.

20 September 2016


Thank you to all those who came to the summer BBQ and brought lovely goodies to eat and drink.  We were blessed with the weather - how good to still be sitting outside at 9pm relaxing and having lots of laughs.

We are delighted that Lucy Allitt will be increasing her time with us.  From 15 August Lucy will be working all day Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.  We look forward to seeing you more often Lucy, and to supporting you as your business grows.

We say goodbye to Lorraine Bagshaw, psychotherapist, at the end of July.  Lorraine will be leaving to concentrate on her work as an employed therapist.

Do feel free to borrow furniture from other therapy rooms if they are not being used during your session.  However, please would you ensure that you return chairs etc to the room in which they belong at the end of your practice.  

Appointments via Treatwell - we have opted everyone out of these appointments as they are now being charged plus VAT.  This means that the commission payable will be two high for many practitioners.  If you would still like to opt in then please let Wendy know, or if you have any questions please contact her directly.

Neal’s Yard Remedies courses - please see the latest courses available on the Therapy rooms notice board.  These are exceptionally well taught and run and as a NYR practitioner you receive a discount.


A reminder that clients receive a 15% discount in store on the day of their treatment.  If you have evening clients please give them a discount voucher to use in store when it is convenient.  NB you will need to fill in the information about the client's treatment in order for the voucher to be valid. 

25 July 2016


Welcome Katerina!

We are delighted to welcome Katerina Chotovinska to our therapy rooms.  Katerina is a dedicated Chinese medicine practitioner practicing Acupuncture.  She has moved to Leamington recently and has a background of working with Neal's Yard Remedies in London.


Katerina will be working on Thursday afternoons and evenings.  Some of you may have met her already as she has been doing some part time work on the shop floor.


Summer BBQ

Thank you to everyone who has replied to the summer BBQ.  Let's hope it's a bit warmer than it has been recently!




Treatwell direct bookings

We have had a handful of these recently.  A reminder that they are processed in the same way as gift vouchers but in a separate payment.  I am able to run a report each month for Treatwell direct treatwell bookings that have been ordered but thank you to those who have flagged up that they have had direct bookings.



Session changes

We are delighted that Hannah has extended her session on Monday afternoons.


We say goodbye to Jan-Marie Bisiker who leaves us at the end of April.





Summer BBQ dates

Look out for an email shortly with some suggested dates for our summer BBQ.  It's a great chance to get together and we would love to see as many of you as possible.





Treatwell bookings

Great news - we have had six new client bookings that have come through from Treatwell directly in March.  We look forward to this increasing over time.  Don't forget to rebook these clients yourself directly, or ensure they have a timetable with our website on it if they wish to rebook in their own time.





Discounts for clients

Don't forget that your clients receive a 15% discount in store on the day of their treatment.  If you spot any of the old 10% discount cards please recycle them.





Herbal walks and retreat

Susan is offering some herb walks on 8th and 22nd May. These are a the perfect way to learn more about medicinal herbs and their properties.  Enjoy a relaxing and informative session in the local countryside in springtime - perfect!  For more details go to


This year Susan is also hosting a health and wellness retreat in Greece - wow!  This will be running from 3-10 June.  For more information and booking see

Psychotherapy with Lorraine Bagshaw

Thank you to Lorraine for a very informative chat at our recent staff training  If you would like to come and talk to the team about how you work please let Wendy know.


April 2016




Great Reviews!

We have had some fabulous reviews on Treatwell with most of your clients giving 5 stars. Please do have a look on  Key in Neal's Yard Remedies Leamington Spa under the 'find a salon' tab and click on reviews.  There are some lovely comments for individual practitioners.  These would work really well as testimonials for your own websites, so you might like to contact your clients who have posted comments.

February 2016




Busiest month

We had a record number of bookings in February!  We have definitely seen a trend which shows that business is building.  We also sold a record number of vouchers, most of which will be spent on treatments.

February 2016




Booking confirmations

A reminder that your clients receive an email confirmation 48 hours before their booking and a text message 24 hours before their booking.  All clients are told by the team in store that payment is cash, cheque or vouchers direct to their therapist and this is also printed on their booking confirmation email and on their appointment reminder.  Our cancellation policy of 48 hours is given to clients at the time of booking in store.  This is also printed on the email confirmations.

February 2016




NYR social

We thought it might be a nice idea to arrange a social event as the summer BBQ still seems a little way off.  Maybe bowling??  If you are interested or have any ideas please let Wendy know.

February 2016




Goodbye Felicity


After many years of running a thriving homeopathy practice, Felicity as you know, is retiring.  We are very sorry to see her go and wish her all the best in her new life ahead where she will be able to spend more time with her family. 


There will be a leaving drinks for Felicity at Leaf Piano Bar on Thursday 25th February at 7.30pm.  Please would you let Wendy know if you would like to attend.


January 2016




Welcome Jan-Marie Bisiker


We are delighted to welcome Jan-Marie who joined us this month. Jan-Marie is an experienced therapist offering kinesiology and aromatherapy massage. She works on Friday mornings.  If you have any questions about kinesiology and its widespread uses please get in touch with Jan-Marie.


January 2016




Website links


We have recently revamped our website to give a greater emphasis to our therapies.  If you have a website of your own please do create a link to  This will help to increase your google rankings on your own website.  The more links you have to other sites, the higher your rankings.


January 2016




Therapies guide


To help raise the profile of all treatments offered at NYR we now have a lovely A5 therapies guide.  This is on the shop counter so that we can use it as a talking point for our therapies.


Don't forget that all clients now receive 15% discount when they come for any treatment here!


January 2016




Update from Mita


We are glad to let you know that Mita has nearly made a full recovery after her horrific accident earlier this summer.  However, we are sorry to say goodbye to her at NYR as after so much time out of practice she has decided to concentrate on building up her business slowly from home. Good luck Mita, we wish you well.


14 September 2015




Welcome Emma Churchill


We are delighted to welcome Emma to our therapy rooms.  Emma is an experienced massage therapist and Bowen practitioner.  From 1 October she will be working on Tuesday and Wednesday.


14 September 2015




Staff changes


Hattie has now left us for pastures new.  We wish her all the best with her job with the YHA in London.


Tori will be with us until October 16th when she will be taking maternity leave.  


I am pleased to announce that the gaps in staffing will be filled by Lulu and Louise Robinson. Louise we welcome back after a year's break from Neal's Yard.  (She missed us so much she wanted to return!).  Louise will be working on Tuesday afternoon and Thursday morning.  Lulu will be working on Wednesdays, Thursday afternoons and Saturdays.


14 September 2015






Wendy and Matt will be away on holiday from 28 July to 14 August.  Please contact the staff in store for immediate enquiries.  


25 July 2015




Summer BBQ


Thank you to everyone who came to our BBQ last weekend. The sun shone, the Pimms flowed and it was great to see so many relaxed, happy faces.  Lovely to meet some partners too.


25 July 2015




Welcomes and goodbyes


We are delighted to welcome Esther Allen to our therapy rooms.  Esther is a homeopath and joins us on a Tuesday morning in September.  We wish her the very best as she builds her practice with us.


Welcome back to Niki Wakeman in September.  Niki will be returning on a Tuesday afternoon and Friday evening.


Welcome to Alex Eaton who some of you met at our BBQ. Alex will be working as a sales assistant in store on Sundays and occasional weekdays.


We say goodbye to Jojo and to Rachael Gering-Hasthorpe.  I thank them both for their contribution to our clinic and wish them all the best in the future.


25 July 2015




Welcome Joanna


I am delighted to welcome Joanna Munro to our therapy rooms.  Joanna is a highly qualified bodyworker practitioner with over 11 years experience.

Joanna has studied with some of the best tutors in the UK to develop cutting-edge bodywork and massage skills which she uses to treat common pain conditions.  In addition to remedial massage, she also offers aromatherapy, hot stone massage, pregnancy massage and indian head massage.

Joanna will be working on a Friday evening from 5 - 9pm.


1 June 2015




Summer BBQ


Great to hear from those who are coming to the BBQ - Heather, Susan +1, Felicity, Jojo +1, Denise, Niki Cooper, Andrea, Joanna, Jewels, Lulu.  Apologies from Ian and Tori - we are sorry you can't make it.  Still waiting to hear from Lucy, Mita, Natasha, Caroline, Rachel S and Rachel G.


1 June 2015

Free training


We are lucky to have Biocult, experts in probiotics, coming to run a training session on Thursday 18 June at 11am.  If you have clients with digestive issues and would like to know more about the range of products on offer, this would be really useful session to attend.


Therapists are very welcome to attend, however spaces are limited, so please let Wendy know as soon as possible if you would like to be there.


12 May 2015


Congratulations Niki!


Our congratulations go to Niki with the arrival of her daughter.  Trudy Alice was born on Friday 8 May at 11.05pm.   Niki and Trudy are now home and doing well.


12 May 2015